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Embracing Weariness, Celebrating Joy:

Discovering Collective Rejoice in a Weary World


Join us Sundays at 10am Live or Online


4pm Worship

Join us for a heartwarming and joyous Christmas Eve Worship at 4pm, where the spirit of the season comes alive in a family-friendly celebration. Embrace the festive atmosphere as we gather to sing beloved carols as children and youth perform. The service will be adorned with vignettes that beautifully unfold the timeless Christmas

Story, captivating both young and old alike.


9pm Worship

Step into the enchanting embrace of tradition at our 9pm Christmas Eve Worship. As the sanctuary is bathed in the soft glow of candlelight, join us in the heartfelt singing of carols that have woven the fabric of holiday memories. This gathering promises an evening of reverence and reflection, a poignant pause amidst the hustle and bustle of the season.



Advent Series based on Luke's Gospel

Sunday, December 3rd

We Acknowledge Our Weariness

Scripture: Luke 1:1-23

Communion Sunday

Zechariah and Elizabeth have battled infertility. Perhaps

they feel the weight of hopes and dreams unattained.

Sometimes weariness can harden us and prevent us

from living fully. Let us acknowledge the ways we, too,

are hardened by disbelief.


Sunday, December 10th

We Find Joy in Connection

Scripture: Luke 1:24-45

Music: Handbell Choir

In community our joy expands. When we can’t rejoice,

we can carry each other’s joy. That is what Elizabeth

and Mary do for each other.


Sunday, December 17th

We Allow Ourselves to Be Amazed

Cantata Sunday

“On this shining night, filled with awe and wonder...

God’s gift of love comes down to earth, flooding the

world with everlasting light.”


Wednesday, December 20th

We Do Not Lament Alone

Creating space for lament and grieve the many losses

we’ve experienced in this year and years past.

Sunday, December 24th

We Sing Stories of Hope

Scripture: Luke 1:57-70

Worship Designed for Children

How often do you allow yourself to be amazed? Wonder

is all around us–can we recognize it? As we learn how to

rejoice in a weary world, can we live in a way that allows

amazement and wonder to surprise us often?


Sunday, December 31st

We Root Ourselves in Ritual

Worship Designed for Children

Scripture: Luke 2:21-38

They returned to the temple in Jerusalem to enact the

sacred birth rituals of their culture and tradition. While

they are doing what is customary, the unexpected

occurs. Rituals mark sacred turning points in our lives.

They can help us make meaning of celebrations, losses,

and transitions. How do our sacred rituals root us and

help us live into new chapters with courage?


Sunday, January 7th

We Trust Our Belovedness

Scripture: Luke 3:21-22

We began our series by acknowledging our weariness

and we conclude with trusting our belovedness,

ultimately, our joy is rooted in the fact that we belong to

God. We are also the source of God’s joy. When we trust

our belovedness, we live and give fully–we are

compelled to treat all of creation with tenderness and

care. When we trust

"Go into a weary world and speak tenderly. Do the good that is yours to do. Choose connection.

Hold onto hope. And remember that Christ took on flesh for you. You are God's beloved. So go rejoicing.

The world needs it. Amen"



Join us for a potluck dinner at 5:30 pm. Then

stir up warmth and connections at our allages

cocoa-making event! We will craft cozy

memories and share the joy of hot cocoa kits.

Let's sprinkle some sweetness into the season



Cantata Sunday

“On this shining night, filled with awe and wonder...God’s gift of love comes down to earth, flooding the world with everlasting light.”


Longest Night Service. Creating space for lament and grieve the many losses we’ve experienced in this year and years past


Spreading holiday cheer in the most whimsical way possible. Embrace the festive spirit, and wear your ugly Christmas sweater for the 10 am worship service.


Join us in celebrating a cozy and casual New Year's Eve worship! Wear your favorite pajamas, and after the service, let's gather for a delightful waffle breakfast together as we usher in the new year with joy.


Bring your A-game and taste buds for a spicy

showdown that promises to heat up the

community spirit. Who will claim the coveted

title of Chili Champion? Join us at 5:30 pm for

a sizzling good time!


This year our Christmas Offering will feed school children in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone. To feed a child a daily meal for a year costs $150. We are Transforming Lives and building off our success from last year!


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