In the stillness of sitting in the sanctuary, in the music that washes over us, in the faces of community, we will notice the ways in which we are lost.  May we be open to discovering where we are lost.  And in that discovery, may we know the God of grace and love who has never lost sight of us along the way.  May we be open to being found again, by God, in community, through faith.

On the south side of the church stand two tall maple trees with a lovely grace-filled space between and around them.  In the past it has held the holiness of Box Night Out, children's games, picnics for families and a quiet conversation between two people. But I had no idea how holy and sacred that space was until this summer.

Wednesday Night Live will have its kick-off event on September 22nd starting at 6:30 PM.  That night will be more of an “open house” and a “come and go” event for families with children in grades 3 – 8.