When a college student contacted Pastor Becky Jo about a mission opportunity,   Pastor Becky Jo remembered her experience growing up in a faith community where she was encouraged to participate in mission trips and other activities that nurtured her faith.That support included providing resources when she accepted an invitation to serve.

Our mind may think we know the best way to do something, but what happens when we can't find the tool we need? Can we use other tools or methods to accomplish the task? As confirmation students get closer to confirming their faith, Pastor Becky Jo reflects on the tools they have been given to meet challenges to their faith in the future.

Easter is more than a single Sunday morning -- it is a whole season! An experience with an Easter Vigil reminds Pastor Becky Jo that the Season of Easter is a time to be intentional about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Sidelines offer safety, but we can't make a difference if we are not involved in the game.