I remember hiking to the top of Lookout Mountain in Cascade River State Park in northern Minnesota. Chad and I were hiking together for the first time, and we chose the hike that sounded interesting. Whenever you ask a park ranger about the difficulty of a hike, my sense is they always undersell it. It’s not too far. It’s an easy hike that will only take you 30 minutes. Translated, the hike is a lot of up and downs over a rocky and rooted path that will have you out of breath and take more than an hour. Even though we know this, we always fall for it.


That day we hiked a good part of the day on a sometimes recognizable trail that took us up in elevation until we got to the “lookout” part. The view of Lake Superior was worth the hike up, but we still had to go back down. By the time we returned to our rental late afternoon, I was experiencing a “good” tired. I was completely exhausted, but it had been worth it. Sleep came easy, and I didn’t mind.


This week all the children and adults at Vacation Bible School are a “good” tired. We have been expending tons of energy learning and singing about Jesus’ journey into Jerusalem. The children are excited each day to learn more about God’s love for them. The adults come back each morning, a little more exhausted, but no less enthusiastic. Vacation Bible School is worth all of the energy we are expending, because about 40 kids are learning again or for the first time that God loves them no matter what! It is a deep joy!


Every day the children have collected coins for PROP. They excitedly walk in each day and drop their coins into the well in Jerusalem. I told them that everyone coming to church July 17 will be part of their great work of collecting money to feed people through PROP.  Don’t forget to bring loose change (or go get some loose change) Sunday morning to give as our kids collect a Noisy Offering. noisy because you’ll drop coins into a metal container!. Imagine the joy on the kids’ faces when they learn about the extravagant amount of money you helped them collect.  I hope you’ll make a point to be a part of it (and if you can't give in person, contribute to PROP online!)


In addition to the noisy offering Sunday, the kids will lead us in worship and help us learn how much God loves us. Together, we will explore the story of Judas, learning about God’s “no matter what” love for him and for us. I hope to see you Sunday, live or online, at 10 a.m.!


Pastor Becky Jo

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