Dear Friends,

Well, here we are at the place the leadership of the church has tried to avoid. We never wanted to return to in-person activities and then have to pull back from that. But this global pandemic continues to change our course in ways we did not want. If you missed the email from Tuesday with the change in our church policies, you can read it by clicking the button at the end of this blog. 


Essentially, we are asking those who can, to worship online through our livestream, as well as asking all the small groups and teams to meet online for the season ahead.


As this global pandemic continues to affect our lives, I pray for all of the parents of school-age children who are likely pivoting again in how their children attend school. And I pray for all of those parents of young children unable to be vaccinated, as you do your best to keep your children safe and healthy. I pray for the college students whose experience is not what they hoped. I pray for those of you whose work lives continue to pivot day by day. I pray for those of you who are lonely because of the isolation or missing your loved ones because it is too risky to get together. I pray for those of you with underlying health conditions who continue to fight daily to stay healthy.  These are challenging times.


This weekend in worship we are bringing all our big feelings before God. While there was a time in Christian theology that discouraged anger with God or questioning God, these are not those days. Are you angry with God? Frustrated? Saddened? Hopeful? Joyous? 


Whatever you’re feeling, however big or small, you can trust two things to be true:  1) Someone before you has felt that feeling and likely recorded something of it in the Psalms, and 2) God welcomes you to express every emotion you have before God. You do not need to hide your feelings or stuff them somewhere so that you can keep up appearances before God or your worshiping community. In fact, you should not. God gives these emotions to be expressed (in healthy ways). Expressing our emotions before God can free us for that “life that is really life” that God calls us to in Jesus.


Bring all of your emotions and your whole family to worship on Sunday at 10 a.m. (Live on Facebook for everyone by clicking “Watch Live” or “Watch Online” here on the website. As a reminder, you need not have an account on Facebook to watch worship live on Facebook. Join us in worship as we discover not only what it means to express our full range of emotions before God, but also experience “Praying the Psalms” as a spiritual practice to keep us connected to God.


In this season when we are separated physically from one another again, I long for connection with you, as I am sure you long for it with one another.  Join us Sunday at 10:45 a.m. (right after worship, we expect) on Zoom for Fellowship Time.  Follow this link to join your friends in faith for a time of fellowship http://bit.ly/BeckyJomtg  each Sunday while we are worshipping exclusively online.


Thank you for your flexibility and your care.

Pastor Becky Jo

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