Dear Friends:

All throughout scripture God is establishing and renewing a covenant with God’s people. Covenant is an agreement about a relationship of commitment between God and God’s people. So many times the people of God failed to keep their part of the commitment. But every single time, God renewed the covenant and chose to be in relationship with God’s people.


Covenant is the model for our relationships with one another. A deep commitment that sticks with one another through joys and challenges. A deep commitment that chooses relationship again and again.


Thank you for helping strengthen my covenant with my husband!  I am grateful for the time away on vacation with him that you afforded me. The rest and time to be without a schedule was a delight. Sitting next to my husband for worship was a blessing we do not get very often. My covenant with my husband is strengthened in times like this.  Thank you!


Thank you for time to keep my covenant with my clergy colleagues. Today I am out of the office to gather (online) with them for Clergy Session. This is the other “church” with whom I worship and do life in faith, with whom I am in covenant. Next week (Tuesday and Wednesday) I will join them and the lay delegates from across the state for Annual Conference (Beth Holland is our lay delegate). This is always a time rich in connection, worship, inspiration and love. It will be made all the richer as we gather in person this year. Thank you for time to attend to my covenant with my colleagues in the Minnesota Annual Conference.


I am also grateful to covenant with the staff of EPUMC.  They are an amazing blessing to me and to our collective ministry.  I am grateful for their willingness to use their God-given talents and abilities in ministry with us, and for their wisdom, creativity and leadership.  They make our collective ministry more effective than it would be without them.  Thank you Becky, Rick, Megan, Rachel, Kay, KT, Patrick and Brianna.  You are a deep blessing to me, to Eden Prairie UMC, and to the work of God in the world.


Thank you also to each of you as you are in covenant relationship with me as your pastor. Our commitment to one another means we continue to choose each other and choose to engage in the ministry to which God is calling us. God is stirring through the members and staff of our church. I am excited for what is happening in our ministry, what is to come in our ministry, and the people God is bringing among us.  Your faithfulness to the covenant that you have with our community of faith and its ministry will continue to bless our church community and the people of the community Eden Prairie and beyond. Thank you for your covenant faithfulness to support the church by your prayers, presences, gifts, service and witness.



Pastor Becky Jo

PHOTO CREDIT:  miri695 Used by permission CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 License


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