Come away with me to a quiet place,
apart from the world with its frantic pace,
to pray, reflect, and seek God's grace.
Come away with me. Come away.

It had already been a quiet day of reflection, prayer and meditation. Monday Is a day of sermon preparation, reading and contemplating the words I would use to bring the Word of God to life in a way that gives life. The peacefulness of a foggy morning gave way to a sunny and quiet day alone in my home office with only a phone call to check on my brother.  After the engaging fullness of Sunday, the quiet and reflective nature of Monday was welcomed.


I had one meeting on my calendar in the afternoon. I do not enjoy being late, so I try to leave 30 minutes for the drive that only takes 17 minutes from my home to the church. I was left with margins in my day and I soaked up the margins. 


Sitting on one of the new benches in the Serenity Garden, I experienced what the planning team had dreamt. By late afternoon the spot was shady, and the breeze was blowing softly. Being on the north side of the church blocked much of the traffic noise, too. No one was in the parking lot.


I sat for a moment, noticing the plantings around the space, the pathway to the Labyrinth from the Serenity Garden, and the carefully designed shape of the space. It wasn’t long before all of those details gave way to the quiet peacefulness of the space, ushering in a prayerful and holy moment with God. I marveled at the way the space felt like the warmest hug I have ever experienced in my life, all wrapped up in tranquility and calmness. My mind took note that I was sitting in a space in the midst of the city, yet it felt remote and secluded. It was a deep blessing on a quiet Monday afternoon.

Come away with me to a quiet place,

to God's loving arms waiting to embrace

all those who come in hope of grace.

Come away with me. Come away.

I don’t know about you, but coming away with God is a challenge in the schedule I keep. Often it needs to be intentionally scheduled in my life. Sometimes, when I leave margins in my day, God welcomes me into a quiet place I didn’t know was there, to experience the grace and love of a God who is always patiently waiting for me.


Where are you making margins in your life to come into “God’s loving arms waiting to embrace”? Where has God surprised you lately with space “to pray, reflect, and seek God's grace”?


If you need a space, try the Labyrinth or the Serenity Garden or work in the PROP Garden.  God is waiting for you in these quiet and beautiful spaces.  Come away with me.  Come away.

Pastor Becky Jo


PHOTO by FotoCitizen, Jorge Guillen, Pixabay


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