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Communion Sunday


This fall we have been trying on new lenses.  I appreciated the way our guest preacher, Matt, tried on a lens of for seeing scripture.  He called it “queering” the scripture, a lens that invites us to look at the scripture for how it might speak into the lives of our LGBTQ+ siblings.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to worship with us on Rainbow Sunday, I invite you click here now and worship.  You will be blessed! 


We will try on new lenses again this Sunday as we look at a familiar story known as the parable of the talents.  Often when we come to scripture texts that are familiar we already have lens on, some of which we will need to take off in order to understand the text fully.  That is the case this Sunday.  We are going to explore our unique American lens that has informed our reading of this parable, a lens we need to set aside to really hear what God might be trying to tell us. 

This weekend you have an opportunity to come to Sunday School again, and I hope you will.  The conversations in Adult and Youth Sunday School, the creativity and relationship building in Children’s Sunday School is blessing participants and leaders alike.  Try it one Sunday.  It’s a half hour that will be engaging, fast paced and enlightening. 


On October 22 & 29 we have special “Connections” events after worship instead of Sunday School.  You’ll have an opportunity to engage your creativity and connect with people of other generations.  Again, it’s 30 minutes that will bless you and others!  Grab your coffee and a treat and decorate a pumpkin for the contest (October 22) or help a child or youth build a special “piggy bank” (October 29). 

Friends, there are great things happening through our church.  Join in the fun.  Join in the faith development.  Join in the relationship building.  In a world divided by every difference we can think of, Eden Prairie can be and is becoming a place of connection and love beyond our difference.  You can help with that by just showing up. I’ll see you Sunday! 


Pastor Becky Jo 


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