This week, I will see my best friends twice. Last Sunday we celebrated a daughter’s graduation. Now we will celebrate the accomplishment of a Doctorate degree. It is such a joy to come to these milestones with these women who have been my companions on the journey.


It has not all been celebration. Like the friends who carried the man to Jesus for healing, these friends have carried me in difficult times in my life. With the same determination that led the man’s friends to dig a hole in the roof so he could get to Jesus, these women have said the tough words, the tender words, the wise words that put me in the presence of Jesus for healing. I cannot imagine life without them.


Not only have I received love and care and celebration from them, but I have often had the opportunity to be that friend for them as well. Walking with them through relationship beginnings, endings and milestones. Carrying them in times of challenging work lives, health concerns and moments of despair. For the past 27 years we have done life together as companions in faith and life.


At Worship Without Walls (our first and third Wednesday of the month summer casual picnic, worship, service and fellowship event), we explored the story in the scriptures I mentioned above (Mark 2:1-4). We reminded ourselves that we are made by God to do life with others. We are created to have companions on our journey, people who nurture us and people whom we have the capacity to nurture as well.


Who are your companions on your journey? Do you have people upon whom you rely for an encouraging as well as a corrective word from God? Do you have a group of friends who know everything about you and still love you with a love so fierce they would dig a hole in the roof to put you in the presence of Jesus for healing? Are you a friend to others with that same love, care and fierceness?


We were not made to do life alone. God designed us to journey together. With whom, other than your spouse or your family, are you doing life? If you do not have your group of fierce friends, start today to build that group who will be a powerful presence of love and grace in your life, and in whose lives you can be the same.


This fall, we invite you to be part of a Life Group through Eden Prairie UMC.  This will be an opportunity for you to find a supportive group within the community of EPUMC.


In whatever way you can, start to develop that group of fierce friends with whom you are doing life. We were not made to do life alone. God designed us for community!

Pastor Becky Jo


PHOTO CREDIT: Lenka Burschva, used by permission via Pixabay

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