Dear Friends
Next Sunday, September 26, our coming home again season of worship begins. We will launch our live in the sanctuary and live streamed, online worship at 10 a.m.  To help you get a sense of what it will be like to come back into the sanctuary next weekend, our staff created a short "Welcome Home" video.  Parents, you’ll want to watch the Welcome Home parent edition that provides details about Sunday School. 





I know many of you have missed the holiness of our sanctuary during the pandemic. Coming home again to that space will be a deep joy and filled with the presence of the holy.  I am looking forward to it!

Holy spaces aren’t always as obvious as the sanctuary. Moses was just tending sheep when the holiness of the space showed itself in a burning bush. Jonah was just sulking and mad and trying to escape God when the belly of a large fish became sacred space. Mary was just a teenager awaiting marriage when her body became a holy temple. An ordinary garden filled with holiness at the absence of a body and an unrecognizable risen Jesus.

On the south side of the church stand two tall maple trees with a lovely grace-filled space between and around them.  In the past it has held the holiness of Box Night Out, children's games, picnics for families and a quiet conversation between two people. But I had no idea how holy and sacred that space was until this summer. Every week we gathered for worship under whatever shade those trees provided.  They guarded our space, sheltered our worship, and grounded our time. They created a sacred space during uncertain times, a space for us to safely worship for the sake of our children.  We were blessed!


Two tall trees stand either side of a building

This Sunday, September 19th, is the last weekend of outdoor worship under those trees for this season. I hope you’ll join us at 10 a.m as we share Holy Communion and sing and hear a word from the Spirit this weekend. Grab your lawn chair one last time and gather under the maple trees with the community of faith as we worship together.

Pastor Becky Jo