How do we make time for God?


In 1669 Susanna was born the 25th child of 25 in the family of a prominent London preacher. She knew what it meant to grow up in a large household, witnessing her mother handle the challenges. So when, at the age of 19, she married a young preacher and began her own family, she knew what she was doing. She gave birth to 19 children, 10 of whom survived past infancy. 


In the late 1600s and early 1700s in rural England, she raised her 10 children. This meant that she was responsible for keeping the house, as well as home-schooling her children. And, because her preacher husband was not interested or equipped for it, she farmed the land around the rectory in which she raised her family.


Can you imagine a woman with less time for a personal devotional life?

Yet early in life she vowed that she would never spend more time in leisure entertainment than she did in prayer and Bible study.  Think about that kind of commitment in our day when “leisure entertainment” is accessible nearly all the time as we hold our smart phones or television remotes in our hands. (Ironically, two tools that could be turned from “leisure entertainment” into tools for devotion.)

How, with 10 children at home all of the time, would Susanna make time for her commitment?


She was creative and determined! She would bring her Bible to her favorite chair in the house. Then she would throw her long apron over her head. The “tent” that formed became a sign for everyone in the house.  Her children knew to respect this “tented” time for Susanna.  They knew she was spending time with God and was NOT to be disturbed except in the case of direst emergency. In that time, Susanna prayed, studied the Bible and built a relationship with God.  Susanna spent 2 hours every day under her “tent” and with God.


Susanna, by the way, was the mother of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement. 


How do you make time for God?


I don’t often wear an apron to “tent” over my head in my favorite chair. But what would it mean to set down my phone and the television remote (and other electronic gadgets) to make dedicated space to be with God?  What would it mean to set aside time each day for time with God?  If 2 hours seems unattainable, maybe start with 20 minutes.  If you don’t have a favorite chair, maybe you can create a little space for devotion.  If you have to, lock the bathroom door to create the space for just you and God.


How will you make time for God?


August 28 we will explore the story of Lydia, one of the Faces of Faith, who made time for God  and can inspire and encourage us, like Susanna has. I hope you’ll join us Sunday or watch the recording later.

Pastor Becky Jo

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