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Our staff, some time ago now, worked our way through our collective call. What does it mean to be on the staff team at EPUMC? We worked carefully with the mission of the United Methodist Church, which is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” We wondered together in a staff retreat how we were called collectively to fulfill that mission while on staff at this church.  What we came up with continues to be relevant and meaningful to us, so I share it with you:


Eden Prairie United Methodist Church Staff Mission Statement:

With a servant’s heart, we will enthusiastically support the spiritual transformation of the people of Eden Prairie United Methodist Church by building relationships and empowering people to make a unique difference in God’s world.


Let me break it down for you.


We are called by God to serve in the positions for which we have been hired. That means that we are not above helping where needed and understand that our positions are not for career advancement or recognition, but to serve the members of this church, the communities in which we are in ministry, and God’s purposes in this world.


We believe we are to support you on your journey of becoming disciples of Jesus Christ and to that end will do what we can to equip you and make way for God to do the transformational work necessary in your continued journey of becoming one who follows Jesus.


Building a relationship with you is our number one priority.  Getting the tasks done can take a back seat to listening to your heart, sharing a good laugh, praying together, finding our shared passions or just being together.  Relationships, loving the people God puts among you, are the most important work we do.


We believe each person is uniquely gifted by God for being a part of transforming the world to reflect the reign of God.  Our role is to empower you, sometime by naming your gifts, and always by inviting you to use your unique giftedness to make the difference in the world to which God calls you.


You can hire a sales person to do their job, or a cashier. But when you employ folks on the staff of this church, we are going to serve, empower and equip you to be the best version of you God has created. Often times that will look like an invitation to get involved or to lead from your strengths. When you hear us inviting you into ministry, remember our mission and why we are calling you – not to get a job done as much as to make space for you to do what God has created and is calling you to do.


Pastor Becky Jo





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