the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. 


Psalm 94:17-19 (CEV) 

17 If you had not helped me, Lord, 
I would soon have gone 
    to the land of silence. 
18 When I felt my feet slipping, 
you came with your love 
    and kept me steady. 
19 And when I was burdened 
    with worries, 
you comforted me 
    and made me feel secure. 


Serenity, peace, unburdening – we seek these in our daily lives.  At times of greater difficulties and trials, we search out a serenity from God through prayer, meditation, listening.  As people of faith, we know that our peacefulness is rooted in God, the source of our comfort and security, just like the Psalmist sings about. 


We are blessed at EPUMC to have a garden for such prayerful and faithful activity.  A group of amazing servants has worked to create a Serenity Garden on our property so that our members, our neighbors and anyone who happens on our property can find a beautiful space in which to pray, meditate and listen to God to receive the gifts of peacefulness in the chaos of their lives.  


On Sunday after worship, plan to join us outside at the Serenity Garden where we will bless and dedicate the garden for just such activity.  I hope you’ll make time to join us.  You can also look at the display table inside the lobby by the bell for information about to honor or remember a loved one by placing a marker on the wall in the Serenity Garden. 


Pastor Becky Jo 

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