What does your new year feel like?  Did the calendar flip to 2022 and things began to get better?  Worse?  Are you as busy as you always have been?  Is the post-holiday too quiet? Are you stressed and worried about your job?  Your family?  Your relationships?  Do you have a peace that passes all understanding?


When the calendar turned to 2022, what happened to your relationship with God?  Did the angst of the world make you turn a cold shoulder to the One whom you thought could change things?  Did the hope and possibility of the New Year turn your heart to praising the One who walks with you in that hope?  Did you, once again, have no real conversation with God about what lies ahead?  Or did you pour out your heart to God, knowing that God listens and cares about you?


Are you facing some unprecedented challenges in the new year?  Unbelievable blessings yet to come?  Vulnerability in your health?  Your career?  Your relationships?  Are you facing a peace that nothing can shake?


Wherever you are on your journey with God is the right place and time to begin. 


Please join me Sunday as together, wherever we are on our journey, we begin a new season, a factory reset of our souls. In worship, small groups and on social media, we will focus the next six weeks on leaning into our relationship with God and strengthening our connection. Attending to our relationship with God is not an add-on to our lives when we have time, though many of us have fallen into that temptation from time to time. Our relationship with God is as critical to our well-being as water and air. We simply cannot survive the struggles and joys the world throws at us without a deep and abiding relationship with God.  And when we have that kind of connection to God, we can sing with the hymn writer,


No storm can shake my inmost calm while to the Rock I’m clinging.

Since love is Lord of heaven and earth, how can I keep from singing?

Lyrics by Robert Lowry (“My Life Flows On”)


As your pastor, I want nothing more for you than this deep and abiding connection with God that keeps you grounded in every storm you face.  Please join me in worship, in Life Groups, and on social media as we work together to remember how to have a deep and abiding connection with God.  And in remembering, we choose the habits that will nurture our relationship with God.


Pastor Becky Jo

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