Dreams and Adaptive Vacation Bible School

Dreams can be an incredibly powerful means for God to speak to us. I think about Joseph of the Old Testament and his extremely accurate dream about a time many years in the future. I think about Solomon who in a dream was given the opportunity to ask God for anything and he chose wisdom. I think about the angels who appeared to the New Testament Joseph in a dream to help alleviate his fears and hesitations about becoming the father of the baby Mary was carrying. Or the second dream of Joseph where he is warned to flee to Egypt to protect this new life named Jesus. 


God spoke powerfully through dreams in biblical times, so there’s no reason to believe that God doesn’t speak through dreams in our times.


A little over three years ago I listened to an applicant for the position of Director of Children’s Ministries lay out a dream she had for a ministry for and with children on the Autism Spectrum. Last fall during our stewardship campaign, you heard Rachel impart that dream to all of us, sharing how God had been tugging away at her heart for this ministry, and what shape it might take in the year ahead.


That dream is about to become a reality. Together with an amazing team of knowledgeable and passionate leaders, we will launch our first ever “Adaptive Vacation Bible School” next Wednesday. For three days, children will learn the stories of God’s love for us in Jesus in a way that will engage their hearts, their heads and their bodies. Two of the children who will join us have never been able to participate in a Vacation Bible School experience. It will be a deep blessing to see a dream born into reality that engages children who would otherwise not be able to participate. I give thanks for the powerful way God works through such dreams, and for Rachel’s willingness to listen to and act on God’s dream. 


Often our bold steps in ministry together begin in a dream that God plants in our hearts. To what dream are you listening? What passion has God placed in your heart? Which vision for the future at EPUMC has got a hold on you?


If Rachel had not shared her dream with others, there are children who would continue to be left out of knowing the story of God’s love for them. Share your dreams, passions and visions with others. That’s how God gives life and breath to a dream planted within us. I would be honored to hear your dreams! Maybe together God is about to do something among us that we have only dreamt about.


Pastor Becky Jo


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