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To coordinate the care and administration of the resources for ministry to accomplish the mission and vision of the church by...


• Coordinating the care of all real property owned by the church


• Building extravagant generosity through financial fitness, messaging and year-round stewardship emphasis


• Developing leaders to support ministry, including supervising and supporting the staff and appointed clergy


Co-chairs Eric Hyde, Tom Reiber, Eric Hyde, Jack Elkin and Deb Lind

Lay Leader Chris Lotzow; Lay Member of Annual Conference Beth Holland; Pastor Becky Jo Messenbrink; Advisory to the team, Treasurer Connie Hauswirth.





The Staff Parish Relations Team is our personnel committee, supporting, equipping, and providing oversight to our paid staff and appointed pastor.


Co-chairs Jack Elkin and Bob Lindberg, Andrea Mardock, Jeanine Brattebo, Jim Bollweg, Pastor Becky Jo Messenbrink.
















To steward the vision and mission of Eden Prairie United Methodist Chuch to be sure we are doing and being what God has called us to do and be in this season, in this location


Chair / Lay Leader Chris Lotzow, Eric Hyde, Jack Elkin, Cole Nelson/Kathy Bowman, Karen DeYoung/Lois Hyde, Bruce Webster/Deb Soderholm, Karen Prestly/Jim Kern, Eric Peterson, Pastor Becky Jo Messenbrink


To create systems that support intentional faith development of all ages that matures followers of Jesus and aids them to become more Christ-like, being especially attentive to small group ministry


Co-Chairs:  Kathy Bowman and (co-chair TBD); Stacy Kyei, Gwen Pickering, Sarah Bosch; staff: Rachel Casper, director of Children's Ministries 


To develop and support risk-taking mission, service and witness beyond that demonstrates we are “big enough to make a difference”


Co-Chairs: Karen De Young and Lois Hyde; Laura Mills, Wrenetta Dietz, Craig Brattebo and Michael Beukema


To create an atmosphere of radical hospitality, extensive congregational care, and life- giving relationship building to ensure that we are a church that is “small enough to care”


Co-Chairs: Bruce Webster and Deb Soderholm; Glenn Pickering, Crystal Roemmich, Kathy Jarvis, Amanda Elkin


To develop passionate worship that connects people to God and to one another and changes lives


Co-Chairs: Karen Prestly and Jim Kern; Ginger Eddy, Nancy Bollweg, Jeff Veatch; Amanda Wintheiser, staff Megan Peterson, director of Music Ministries, and Pastor Becky Jo Messenbrink.


Growing an inclusive online community through engagement and
connections to empower people to act through faith toward a more just and compassionate world.


Chair Cole Nelson, Jane Bollweg, Brianna Collett, Amanda Wintheiser, Staff Megan Peterson, director of Music Ministries, and Pastor Becky Jo Messenbrink